Shop Online with Coupon Codes

When shopping online, do not be too brisk at check-out. A few minutes of time could save you anywhere from 15 to 50 percent off your purchase, or score you free shipping.

Most online retailers use what are commonly referred to as “coupon codes”, but can also appear under the guise of “code”, “promo deal”, and “discount code”, among other variations depending upon the retailer. A coupon code is basically a sequence of numbers and/or letters that you enter during your online check-out experience to score discounts and deals. The majority of you have more than likely seen or used a cyber coupon code at some point during your online shopping career. Some retailers advertise coupon codes on their website when they are available. For example, J.Crew is presently running a sale on their webpage, “FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS WITH CODE FREESHIP”. However, some coupon codes can only be found at coupon sites that partner with retailers to create exclusive online coupons.

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A favorite of mine –– has coupons for 130,000 stores, a downloadable iPhone app, and features “Top Coupons of the Day”. RetailMeNot provides you with the expiration date of the coupon code, and the last time it was tested so you know whether or not it is still in working order. Just simply type in the store you are looking to make a purchase from in the search bar, and apply any applicable codes you find during the check-out process on your retailer’s website.

A second option I sometimes employ is typing the phrase “[name of retailer] + coupons” into a trusted search engine. There are a wealth of websites offering exclusive online coupons, so if you have a little extra time, comparing codes can occasionally fetch you different and/or improved deals. Many online retailers do not let you stack coupons, so choose the coupon code that gives you the best discount when comparing options.

If you take the brief time it requires during your future online shopping endeavors to look up possible coupon codes before you check-out, than you can expect to be scoring deals and discounts in no time!