Creating a Clothing Inventory

Monstrosities of 1818, extravagant clothing st...

extravagant clothing styles of men’s and women’s fashions. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I got this neat little tip from a fantastic book titled, “Ecothrifty: Cheaper, Greener Choices for a Happier, Healthier Life“. I hope to do a book review of EcoThrifty in a future blog post, but for now, I would like to bring you this juicy morsel of information appropriated from the pages of the book.

A clothing inventory is a tool to help assist you in thinking critically about what you need, compared to how much you own. Aside from the monetary benefits of purchasing and owning less clothing, other perks include:

  • Decreased stress deciding what to wear in the mornings.
  • Well-organized (or at least better organized) closets, with reduced clutter.
  • Packing for vacation is a breeze.
  • & Laundry day becomes less complicated.

I have constructed a basic, printable, Clothing Inventory template OR you can create and customize your own inventory print-out. I tried to anticipate what the average wardrobe might contain, however I included handy fill-in-the-blanks for anything I may have overlooked.

Start by considering each applicable article of clothing on the inventory list, and writing down how many of each item you need. Be honest. Leaving room for “a little extra” is fine, but anything more than that defeats the purpose of helping reign in your excess clothing acquiring habits.

Once you have taken a truthful and reflective assessment of what you need, create a pile of clothing you do not (& will not) wear, articles of clothing that do not fit, or clothing that is problematic for one reason or another. There are businesses, such as: Clothes Mentor and Buffalo Exchange, that will purchase used women’s and men’s fashions to resell. There are similar stores for children’s, junior’s, vintage, & maternity clothing as well, so be sure to check around. For clothing you cannot sell, consider hosting a clothing swap party with friends. It can be an excuse to get together, relax, and drink wine, while picking up some new fashion finds. You may not think anyone desires that sweater the secondhand store snubbed redeeming for cash, or the one your Aunt Tillie knit you for Christmas, but you might just be pleasantly surprised. & of course, there is always the standard option of good old fashion donation!

Last, begin the process of taking inventory of the clothing you own. Some of the numbers you record may shock you. Purchase items of clothing you need & resist purchasing anything you don’t. It is best to take a clothing inventory annually -or seasonally- whichever suits your personal lifestyle. Doing a “clothing inventory” of your closets can bring awareness to your wardrobe, and cash to your pockets!



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