All of us love freebies. Who does not love something that is free? Today I want to talk about the resource Hunt4Freebies is a website that scours the internet for free offers, and amasses them in one convenient location. The site has other money saving features such as “coupons/deals”, “sweepstakes”, “hot deals”, and “mailed coupons”, but their primary focus is on freebies.

Simply head to, and scroll through the offers until something interests you. Then click the available link & follow the provided directions. Most freebies are offered through a business’ Facebook page, Twitter account, or company website. All offers will ask for information such as e-mail and snail mail address. Some offers will inquire for a few more bits of information, typically pertaining to their marketed product. The entire process usually takes no more than a mere minutes to complete.


(Photo credit: Alan O’Rourke)

Personally, I have scored: a free roll of toilet paper, enough shampoo and hair care to last a year, disposable diapers and baby formula, toothpaste, a whole tube of superglue, vitamins, children’s cold medicine, a box of cereal, smoothie mix, multiple magazine subscriptions, makeup, and more!

Some samples are small, but others rival a travel size item or larger. & I must admit, it is quite exciting opening your mailbox to find freebies inside. It adds a little adventure and mystery to the routine task of mail retrieval.

Unfortunately, spam can accumulate fast in your e-mail inbox from filling out all the online freebie forms. I solve this problem, by simply creating an alternate e-mail address dedicated to freebies and other junk mail; checking auto-insurance quotes online for example, or any other internet activity that might solicit your e-mail address before rendering services. You could also “unsubscribe” to each e-mail, or block every company that solicits you, but I find having a separate e-mail address seems to do the trick.

Make sure to add Hunt4Freebies to your bookmark bar, so that it is easy to check daily and see what is new. The savings will really start adding up, especially once you begin receiving multiple samples of personal care items, and other products.

Happy savings everyone!



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