Compare Car Insurance Rates

“I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico!”

$800 to be precise. & I didn’t have to change coverage to do so. That’s hardly a number to sneeze at by any stretch of the imagination.

I know the prospect of shopping around for car insurance can sound daunting and even intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. I felt silly after I found out how much money I could have been putting back in my pocket each year. I am positive you will find the same to be true, if you take a few minutes to compare rates.

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If comparing multiple car insurance company rates sounds overwhelming, start small and get one or two different auto-insurance quotes. Most insurance companies have an online website in which you can request a quote by filling out a form and answering a few simple questions. If you prefer to speak with a person, you may also call the company directly to get a quote.

In my experience, getting a quote from Geico’s online website was easy and only took a few minutes of my time. After comparing the rates of three other auto-insurance companies and finding Geico’s to be the lowest, I gave them a call. The rate quoted to me online was the rate I was given over the phone- this is good as many companies will change the rate as they go over more information.

I was really impressed with Geico’s customer service overall, they made the process straight forward for me and held my hand through each step. I was even sent a “break-up” letter to send to my old auto-insurance company; it was convenient having the letter ready for me to drop in the mail, and a relief not having to bring about the cancellation conversation with my prior insurance provider.

So give it a try! Set a goal to check the rates of one or two other auto-insurance companies online or by phone. In the future, make a point to check the rates of other car insurance brands annually -or even once every couple years- to ensure your current rate is still the best deal in town. The process is not as scary or time consuming as it might seem, and you may very well be one of those happy customers who gets to exclaim about the amount of money they saved by making the switch.



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